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You have taken the first step towards unlocking your purpose and doors of opportunity to step into a destiny of  success.

WEP is a global, Word Empowerment, Self-developmental, Motivational, Training, Mentorship, Relationship Problem Resolution, and Financial Growth Institute.
WEP caters to the needs of both the secular world and the
Christian community.


Paul F Fearon

Apostle Paul Fearon is a mentor, motivator, Relationship Problem Resolution coach, author, musician
songwriter, and financial coordinator. He is a recipient of leadership training courses by John Maxwell.
Apostle Paul Fearon is a graduate of the Bethel Bible College and the Edna Manley School of the
Performing and Visual Arts in Jamacia.

WEP’S Vision

To establish a potent institute where people of all nationalities, denominations, and educational backgrounds can experience holistic growth success by using their potential, talents, gifts, and abilities to unlock doors of opportunities; thereby turning their ideas and dreams into reality, and step into a destiny of success.

WEP’S Mission


To reach a broad demographic of people who desire to experience self-development, empowerment, motivation, training, mentorship, relationship success, problem resolution, financial growth, and stability.

Ideas, Dreams, and Vision Construction

This course gives a proper vision and action plan for the construction and
fulfillment of ones ideas, dreams, and aspirations.

Biblical Exegesis

This course teaches effective dissecting, exegeting, and application of the word,
which will result in people experiencing manifestation after the Prophetic

Relation-SHIProblem Resolution and Construction

This course covers areas that will cause people to experience success and prevent shipwrecks in relationships:

-The six ships which cause success

-The three ships which cause the shipwreck

– Pre-marital plan and preparation

-Asking rights questions before saying “I do”

-Making wise relationship choices.

-Relationship and gender purpose

-Effective communication.

-Problem awareness contribution

-Problem reduction and resolution.

-Intimacy and sex education

-Darkroom discovery revealing truth and transparency.

-Dating and Courtship

Life Under Construction

This course helps to set priorities in order and offers a solid foundation upon
which one can build security and stability.
One can have all the right things and fail because the right things are in the
wrong order.

Giving Self a Winning Chance

This course helps people who had a late start in life and those who experience
setbacks and find it hard to continue or start over.

Motivation and Empowerment

This course offers spiritual, mental, and emotional motivation and empowerment to people who have what it takes to accomplish but find it hard to start.

WEP Courses

Course Format


  • Teleconference line
  • Zoom room

Awesome Reviews from our Clients

Through WEP I am more rounded and a better version of myself. Being highly motivated, I am
building better relationships, setting goals, and achieving them.

-Joan Witter
The teaching received in WEP’s Relationship Problem Resolution has helped to bring healing and
closure to my life as far as broken relationships are concerned.

-Sandra Morgan
As it relates to a good relationship, WEP has impacted me. I wish I knew then what I know now!
WEP has motivated me holistically, and I am a better person.

-Heather Christian
The classes in WEP have helped me to understand my purpose in life. I am purposeful, now have
a vision/ action plan for my future,

-Naomi Smith

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